Wire Products

Welded Mesh and BRC

SAE 1008 grade wire of different diameters is pickled and drawn for the required wire diameter size. These drawn wires are fed into the machine as line and cross wires to make a mesh structure commonly used in reinforcement of slabs among other uses. Standard gauge and pitch Bar Reinforcement Concrete (BRC) comes in 48 metre rolls whereas Welded Mesh comes in 8’×4’ sheets.

Welded Mesh

Welded BRC

Binding Wire

Wire is successively drawn from 5.5mm wire rod and annealed at intermediate stages. Annealing wire is
available from 1.8 mm to 4.5 mm in diameter. The Binding Wire comes in pre-packed bundles of 25 Kgs
and is very soft and annealed. Binding Wire is used for tying reinforcement bars before concrete is cast. This soft nature of the binding wire enables it to twist and tie properly.