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    Tononoka Rolling Mills Ltd:
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    Nairobi, Kenya.

    Tononoka Steels Ltd:
    Airport North Road, Embakasi,
    Nairobi, Kenya

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Corporate Values

Since its inception, Tononoka has been administered to follow its core corporate values. These values and principles guide how decisions are made and how employees behave. They also assist in creating Tononoka’s corporate culture and consequently develop Tononoka’s corporate identity as a reputable organization.

What we endevour to achieve

• Customer satisfaction – our customers drive our business. We continuously seek to understand our customers better and improve our practices to meet their needs. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers by contributing to their success through providing quality goods and services, flexibility, timely delivery, cost effectiveness and valuable communication.

• Employee satisfaction – our employees are our main asset. We support individual growth and encourage employee development through training, sharing ideas and providing the freedom to explore and strengthen their talents while gaining experience. We encourage and reward dedication, creativeness and hard work. Fairness, teamwork, good communication and working relationships at all levels is the key towards our success.

• Shareholder and investor satisfaction – we strive to continuously increase our corporate value through growth and profit maximization.

• Innovation – we recognize that investing in innovation in both the processes and the end-products is what is required to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Technology and expertise reduces the cost of conducting business and enhances the value of our products.

• Social and environmental obligations – we are devoted to taking care of our social and environmental responsibilities. We often involve ourselves in community service activities and are keen on enhancing lives. We also understand that we need to conserve our environment and thus engage in activities such as energy saving and pollution control that reduce the negative impact of our business on the environment.

Corporate Vision

To become the largest supplier of quality steel building products in Africa.

Corporate Mission

• To manufacture steel building products meeting world class standards by investing in environment friendly technology and manpower.

• To import directly quality steel building products from reputable manufacturers and complement the locally manufactured range of products.

• To supply both manufactured and imported products through an established distribution network, at affordable prices to boost the housing and building development.

Corporate Code of Ethics

• Human Rights

• Quality of Work Life

• Health and Safety

• Effective Communication

• Employee Empowerment

• Fairness and Equal Opportunity

• Productivity and Service Excellence

• Values and Ethics

• Compliance with laws and regulations

Corporate Principles

• Good Citizenship

• Mutual Understanding

• Customer Centric

• Teamwork

• Respect for individuality

• Challenge

• Integrity

• Speed and Firmness

• Ethical behavior

Corporate Policies

Tononoka applies common values and standards and adheres to several corporate governance policies. The policies are followed to maintain the highest standards of corporate governance in its dealing with its various stakeholders:

• Quality Policy – Tononoka pledges to meet customer expectations through timely delivery of quality steel products manufactured to the highest standards, whilst complying with the requirements of relevant legislation, ISO 9001 and continually improving the effectiveness of our management system.

We aim to achieve this policy and our stated business objectives through monitoring a range of key performance indicators, which we utilise to evaluate our performance and drive continuous improvement activities throughout the company.

• Health and Safety Policy – Tononoka believes that the health and safety of our stakeholders is of the utmost importance. We maintain and improve our systems to minimize health and safety hazards that are in concurrence with occupational, health and safety regulations. We ensure the availability of all resources to fully implement the health and safety policy of Tononoka. Cleanliness and good house-keeping is ensured at all times.

• Environmental Policy – Tononoka is committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We comply with all environmental legal requirements and constantly evaluate the impact of the company’s production activities on our surroundings. We actively promote re-usable and recycled products that are environmentally safe.